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Valentine’s Day Gift

There are many great Valentine’s Day gifts. Wine is a perfect gift that can be shared and makes a moment rememberable. A gift that lasts longer and can be enjoyed more times is a book. Consider the book A Wine Journey. This book is ideal for wine enthusiasts. Do you know someone who likes to make wine? Several chapters in the book look at winemaking experiences both at home and at wineries. Do you know someone who enjoys traveling to winery tasting rooms? There are a number of chapters that look at wine travel on three continents. The book includes several anecdotal stories we gathered while visiting wineries.  Do you know someone who just wants to learn about wine? A couple of chapters discuss options for learning about wine.

A Wine Journey will inspire people to discover the fascinating world of wine. Purchase this book, tie it with a red ribbon and say, Happy Valentine’s Day to someone you love.

A Wine Journey is available in several formats: a paperback, a hard cover and ebook. The ebook editions will work on a Kindle, Nook and a Sony Reader. It will also work on ipads that have a Kindle, Nook or Sony Reader app. Check out A Wine Journey website for information about the book and purchasing.


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