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The Joys of the Vineyard and Winery

The Joys of the Vineyard and Winery

Winemakers and wine growers usually decry the romanticism of wine and vineyards. Really they have every right to since they do the massive amount of work to grow and maintain the vineyards and produce the wines. After all it has been said that more than 2,000 decisions must be made for that wonderful wine reaches your glass.

But the joys of the vineyard are not insignificant. From the first burst forth of the buds turning to leaves and bearing white blossoms to the tiny, green global fruits increasing in bulk and through veraison to the fully ripe fruit, the vineyard is a never-ending source of enjoyment and amazement.

Artists also recognize that the country area that contains vineyards, buildings, and wine tastings are a sight to be enhanced and remembered with the paintbrush.

On a recent visit to the delightful Slack Winery at Woodlawn Farm for a book signing of A Wine Journey, we chanced to meet three delightful women who were absorbed with painting the scenes at the estate. Despite a slight chill in the air the weather was wonderful for painting the scene that include buildings, flowering trees and chairs. (If you are wondering why not vineyards, Slack Winery vineyards are about 30 minutes away.)

Even though they were intent on their painting, they stopped to talk about their joy of painting. All three were inspiring but so were the scenes they were painting.

We asked if they had just shown up and had asked about painting the scene, we learned that they had contacted the winery in advance.

If you have a pen or paintbrush in hand consider visiting a winery and vineyard to paint one of the many scenes available.






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