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Rosé d’ Or from R.Stuart & Co.

Rosé d'Or from R. Stuart & Co.

Yesterday we decided to introduce our son-in-law to homemade grilled pizza. We had a bottle of a rosé sparkling wine chilling in the refrigerator and opened it just before dinner. It was fun sipping this delightful wine while preparing the pizza.

The sparkling wine, Rosé d’Or, Brut NV, from R.Stuart & Co. in Oregon arrived a couple of months ago with the wine we had blended at the winery last summer. The wine was  a salmon color with many tiny bubbles. This sparkling wine was created with a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The aroma and taste offered notes of summer fruits. The back label offers a great quote from Oscar Wilde, “Only people with no imagination can’t find a good reason to drink champagne.”

Believe it or not, a sparkling wine was great with pizza. We made five pizzas with four different toppings. The first two pizzas one were topped with basil, tomatoes, and hard shredded Parmesan cheese. The next pizza had a pesto topping. Topping four was a combination of tomato sauce, mushrooms, peppers and hard Parmesan cheese.  Pizza five had Mozzarella, pepperoni with a tomato sauce base.

Sparkling wine and pizza may seem a bit unusual to many people who think of sparkling wines and Champagnes as for only special occasions. However, I find these special wines to be refreshing and delightful anytime.

Cheers, Kathy



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