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Are you a swirler?

In a recent article about Kathy and me in the Baltimore Sun, the writer, Janene Holzberg writes, “Terry Sullivan sometimes finds himself absentmindedly swirling a glass of juice or water as if it were a glass of fine wine when dining with friends or family members.” Reading this prompted Linda Mercer of Prosser, Washington to respond on Facebook that she is a swirler too. So I wonder how many people are swirlers whether absentmindedly or deliberately.

After tastings wines at thousands of wineries, wine events and conferences, swirling a glass of wine is just natural. In my case perhaps a bit too natural. I swirl anything in a glass. It doesn’t matter if it is water, orange juice or bourbon, if it is in a glass it gets swirled. This is one of those reflex actions that goes on auto-pilot. I just do it.

I haven’t had a beverage yet that a little swirling ruined it. Although tall skinny glasses are more difficult to swirl, wine glasses and most alcohol beverage glasses are easy to swirl the contents. Just curious as to how many others out there are swirlers.

While dining in a restaurant have you seen people swirling soda, ice tea, lemonade, water or wine?


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