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Our Wines for Thanksgiving Day

We took some time to think about the wines we wanted to pair with Thanksgiving Day. We settled on three wines with others for backups. Our first is a Bagrationi Finest Brut 2010. It was produced with the traditional method using the Chinuri grape variety. This is our greeting wine given to family as they arrive. We plan to place a couple cranberries in the bottom of the glass to set the holiday festive mood. Bagrationi 1882 is a winery in the Kartli region of the country Georgia.

Our second wine is a 2012 White Cabernet Sauvignon that we made in Maryland with grapes sourced from Thanksgiving Farm, Harwood, Maryland. When we fermented the juice, the color of the juice was a dirty yellow. After fermentation, the wine was an orange color. It is light compared to Cabs made traditionally. Today, it will be used for the appetizers. It’s light red berry aroma and taste will match with a variety of cheeses and cut the sweetness of candied cucumbers.

For dinner, we just had to choose an Oregon Pinot Noir since we are in Oregon. We have a 2011 Pinot Noir from Bow & Arrow. The grapes were from Medici Vineyards. A Pinot Noir is a perfect choice for a turkey dinner. It will also pair with the side dishes.

We wish all a Happy Thanksgiving. What wines are you pairing with your Thanksgiving dinners?


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