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Crushed Wine: A Fun and Free iTunes App

Crushed Wine (image from Gregory White PR)

A few days ago we downloaded a new free app available on iTunes. The app, a social media wine app, can be downloaded on an iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Carla McKay is the entrepreneur behind the development of the Crushed Wine app. She was dissatisfied with the apps available and began focusing on designing an easy to use app for wine enthusiasts.  McKay notes, “Wine is social.  Wine is meant to be shared with friends, and ultimately we trust our friends’ choices first. But, there’s a lot of wine to sip and share, and until recently no way to best organize and track all the data.  Crushed Wine App is designed to do this for us in one easy app that puts social sharing first.”

Crushed Wine downloaded easily to our iPhone and 1st generation iPad. The app is available in four languages: English, German, Spanish and Northern Sami. Note: According to Wikipedia, Northern Sami is spoken in Northern Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Crushed Wine makes it easy to share wine comments with friends and followers as well as photos. According to the information I received from a PR firm in NYC, “Crushed Wine allows users to create and store a virtual cellar with photos and archived tasting notes of favorite wine selections.”

As Christmas and the holidays approach we are looking forward to using Crushed Wine to catalogue the wines we enjoy. You may want to attach a link to this wine app to a gift of a bottle of wine or perhaps a wine book like A Wine Tourist’s Guide: Visiting Tasting Rooms.

Last night we enjoyed a dinner of roasted chicken, roast broccoli and baked potatoes along with a California Pinot Noir. It was easy to use the iPhone to take a photo and add notes using the Crushed Wine app.

Check out the Crushed Wine app and let wine lovers know about it.


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