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Discovered Wines from the Country of Georgia in Elkridge, Maryland

Wines of Georgia (Sakartvelo) at Local Wine Shop

Today I went to the Perfect Pour in Elkridge, Maryland with one of my adult sons. He was searching for some specialty beers that he had not been able to find recently.

While he was carefully choosing a variety of beers bottle by bottle, I decided to search for Georgian (country of Georgia) wines. One of the sales people knew immediately the location of the Georgian wines on the shelf. When I mentioned qvevri wines he said that the store does not carry Georgian qvevri wines. I really did not expect to find qvevri-made wines. It seems that qvevri-made wines seldom make their way to the US. This is disappointing as people who enjoy wine may also enjoy discovering qvevri wines.

In the end I purchased two Georgian wines, made with Rkatsiteli and Tsolikouri grape varieties. These wines were imported by Dozortsev & Sons Enterprises in Brooklyn, New York. We will be having these wines some time during the holidays and we will let you know about them.

While we have been to the Perfect Pour a couple of times searching for a particular wine, we had not really taken time to browse through the store. Today the store was busy with customers and numerous staff members offering their help. The store offers several rows of different wines while the center of the store is focused on numerous beer brands. They also have a selection of spirits.

Despite the busyness of the shop, everyone was friendly and it seemed the holiday spirit abounded.

If you are looking for a specific wine, beer or liquor, check out the Perfect Pour across from the Costco shopping center near Route 175.

Cheers, Kathy

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