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Vino Veritas – the Movie

Vino Veritas Poster Courtesy of Jo Films.jpg

Vino Veritas Poster Courtesy of Jo Films.jpg

Vino Veritas is a new movie available on January 15, 2014 at the iTunes store and VOD. The simple translation of “Vino Veritas” is “Wine Truth.” This is not a movie about wine, though, although many references to wine are made throughout the movie. It seems that wine is the glue that holds the film together. Rather Vino Veritas is a movie about being truthful to oneself, spouse and neighbors.

The movie, directed by Sarah Knight, takes place on Halloween evening. Phil, played by Brian Hutchison, and his wife Lauren, played by Heather Raffo, are having a shouting match lamenting the lost adventures of their youth. Calm ensues when neighbors Ridley, played by Bernard White, and his wife Claire, played by Carrie Preston, come over dressed in costumes for hors d’oeuvres prior to going to a Halloween party. Claire is dressed as Queen Elizabeth I. She spent months working on the costume and hopes to win the best costume award for yet another year. Ridley is a doctor and dressed as a doctor; he is on call and decided to make life easier. Phil escapes and returns dressed as a cowboy. A few minutes later Lauren returns dressed as a witch bearing a potion for the group to drink.

The light blue colored wine is a ceremonial wine from Peru made from the skin of a blue dart tree frog. Technically it is not a wine. It is reported that those who drink the alcoholic beverage can only speak the truth. Phil, Lauren and Claire gulp down their blue liquid. Ridley examines his glass of elixir and attempts to follow the steps of a structured tasting and is quickly criticized. Ridley does not drink his wine, he only dips his finger into it and tastes it. The blue colored wine has an aroma and taste of … a blue dart tree frog.

Carrie Preston as Claire, Bernard White as Ridley and Heather Raffo as Lauren in Vino Veritas Courtesy of Jo Films.jpg

Carrie Preston as Claire, Bernard White as Ridley and Heather Raffo as Lauren in Vino Veritas Courtesy of Jo Films.jpg

It soon becomes apparent that the myth about the wine becomes reality.  Questions start off simple enough, such as, “What is your favorite movie?” The questions proceed to more philosophical such as, “How would you like to die?” Truths are revealed that neighbors and spouses did not know about each other. There is a range of topics discussed including sexual satisfaction, the loss of youth and adventure from decades pass, the mundane predictable life-style of today and relationships with your children.

Perhaps the most prolific comment from viewers is, “I can relate to that.” Although Vino Veritas has only four actors, it sucks the audience in as participants. You find yourself sharing in the conversation with your spouse.

Light a couple candles, open a bottle of wine and watch Vino Veritas. After a couple glasses of wine, see if you begin to participate in the conversation exploring the truth about yourself,  your spouse and your neighbors.

Vino Veritas website

Vino Veritas trailer


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