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Wine Tasting Techniques From Across the Globe

by guest blogger
Gilbert Winfield

Wine Tasting Techniques In London. Photo by Gilbert Winfield

Wine Tasting Techniques In London. Photo by Gilbert Winfield

Imagine standing in front of 15 to 20 tables neatly stacked with over 200 different varieties of wine and then being asked to sample each of them to find the perfect blend to suit your palate. It’s not just a rigorous exercise but also overwhelming unless you’re among the privileged few who strive to master wine tasting techniques commonly used. Each event is organised to highlight specific ideas and introduce blends to knowledgeable enthusiasts attending wine tasting events, especially in London.

Beginners Prefer The Simple Approach

People attending such events for the very first time would do well to adapt a simple approach. Learn a few basic ideas on how to go about tasting wine. For example, trying out white wine before red wine is the ideal way to maintain wine-tasting capabilities. Other simple ideas can be sustained including willingness to try out as many varieties as possible.

It makes sense to come prepared for a wine-tasting event by preparing oneself. You don’t smoke or have food ruining your taste buds just before the event. Having a basic idea of wine varieties you’d prefer to drink over the long term is part of ideal preparation.

Instinctive Feel To Saturation Limits

You already know it’s not possible to try out 200 different types of wines all in one session. A good idea is to bank on your instincts to reach upper limits. Enthusiastic people are capable of tasting around 15 to 20 varieties to distinguish between good and bad wine. It all depends on techniques you use. For instance, some taste wine and spit out a major portion to make way for another variety. Alcohol content in wine is likely to affect your sense of taste, as it gets absorbed into the body.

Learn From The Expert

Every wine-tasting event is preceded by immense preparation done by experts always willing to impart knowledge to a band of connoisseurs. A successful event culminates in a flurry of questions experts have to answer. Following a price range is also a good idea when it comes to tasting average to premium wines.

People are always prepared to try out new varieties. In a sense, a new brand released in the market always has something interesting to offer, and being the first to try out the wine helps you compare it with other varieties tasted at similar events.

Wine Tasting Techniques In London

A single-evening, wine tasting session in London, is a great opportunity to try out country wines, taste specific kinds of food that go with a blend of wine, explore 12 to 15 types of vintage wines, learn how ancient cellars work, and basically gather enough information to offer valuable feedback for other guests.

History of wines on offer is literally dictated by an expert who takes great pride in making you a fan for life. Events extend to around two hours in the evenings usually accompanied with dinner. It may cost £50 – £100 per head to try out 5 to 12 varieties of wines with or without dinner. Be ready for a great learning experience simply by opting to a wine-tasting event in London while listening to some of the most learned wine lecturers in the business.

Gilbert Winfield is a wine tasting connoisseur based in London, he owns a company Winfield Wine Tasting which offer tasting events and quizzes. Gilbert is a keen blogger and has advanced knowledge in the industry.

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