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Cune Winery features Eduardo Chillida Exhibit

Wine offers a connection to many fields including the world of art. Many wineries use the art work of local artists as a draw for visitors. Sometimes the art is available for sale. Frequently these same wineries rotate the art displays so those who return to a tasting room will be able to browse a different selection every month or two.

Sometimes the artwork may be by renowned artists and not available for sale but wine enthusiasts can enjoy the art and wine connection. A great example of this is a winery in Spain that is featuring an Eduardo Chillida Exhibit. Eduardo Chillida’s sculptures are collected by numerous museums and organizations throughout the world.

Cune Winery, in the Rioja region of Spain, is hosting an exhibition of Eduardo Chillida’s sculptures until September. The “Chillida. The wind we do not see” includes eight large sculptures created by Chillida.

The press release I received noted, “Taken from one of Chillida’s aphorisms — the title ‘Chillida. The wind we do not see’ – – denotes the artist’s fascination with nature. Art forms inspired by nature and in harmony with the natural world have been present in Chillida’s work since the beginning and merge with his personal concern for the environment.  Drawing on the parallels between art and winemaking, the exhibit’s intent is to evoke emotion through sensual interpretation and a deeper understanding of the created world.”

According to Maria Urrutia Director of Marketing, to produce great wine the environment and nature are very important. Wine is a result of a combination of climate (wind, sunlight), history, craft and tradition. She believes that Eduardo Chillida’s sculptures represent the mix of wine, nature and art.

If you will be near Cune Winery in Haro, Rioja consider visiting the winery, discovering their wines and the connection to art as seen through Eduardo Chillida’s sculptures.

For details about visiting Cune Winery visit the winery website.

Cune Winery

Two brothers, Eusebio and Raimundo Real de Asúa, established Cune Winery in 1879. Since that time the family continues the winery and has added two more wineries to their portfolio, Contino and Viña Real winery.

When planning a visit to Cune Winery consider taking a picnic lunch to enjoy with a glass of Cune wine. Visitors can walk through the vineyards to reach a small building to picnic in. For those with children, check out the creative workshop for children.



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