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GeorgianDC Celebrates with Picnic

GeorgianDC picnic is ready to begin!

GeorgianDC picnic is ready to begin!

Yesterday was the 1st GeorgianDC picnic. The day was perfect along the Potomac River with a light breeze, sporadic fluffy clouds and warm temperatures. We arrived in Great Falls, Virginia at the River Bend site. Even though this was our first time to the park, we easily found it using our GPS.

GeorgianDC is a Facebook page that links Georgians with each other. This is a delightful experience for those who are so very far away from their homeland (about 6,000 miles.)

We helped to unload the cars, add bright red tablecloths to the picnic tables, arrange the tables and began putting the food on the tables.

GeorgianDC barbecue

GeorgianDC barbecue

The GeorgianDC picnic was scheduled for 10am to 6pm. People slowly began to show up bringing more food. There were so many types of food both Georgian and American. The food was set up on four tables. Several dishes were reminiscent of our visit to the country Georgia. Several types of cucumber and tomato dishes, khachapuri, salads, chips, barbecued beef and hot dogs were available. Desserts were available for a small fee or donation. All proceeds would go to the Georgian Academy.

While the children of all ages played tag and catch, the adults gathered in small groups to chat.

GeorgianDC raffle table

GeorgianDC raffle table

Those who attended were all ages and most were from Georgia. Numerous Georgian items were raffled off including Georgian wines and books.

One picnic participant estimated that about 1,000 Georgians live in the DC metropolitan area. The GeorgianDC group gives participants a chance to socialize with others from Georgia as well as keeping in mind their history and culture.

Anyone interested in joining the GeorgianDC Facebook group will find the information here. According to the site, “This group is for the Georgians living in the DC Metro Area. The purpose of the Group is to exchange information about the Georgian events in the area. Also, to exchange tips and information about various aspects of our everyday life here, in the US. Please share your thoughts on anything from how to install the Georgian keyboard on the smartphone to how to make the best Khachapuri. Feel free to invite your other Georgian friends to join!”

We felt honored to be included in the GeorgianDC annual picnic.

Many thanks to everyone at the GeorgianDC picnic and we hope to see you again!

Cheers, Kathy and Terry



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