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Sunglasses from Oak Barrels?

While reading messages on Facebook I came across a comment about making sunglasses with oak barrels. Incredible as the concept seems, the idea has actually become a reality and sunglasses with oak frames are available for purchase.

Woodzee, a specialty company in Chico, California has worked with Robert Mondavi Private Selection winery to created sunglass frames from recycled oak barrels. The prices for these special sunglasses will set you back $120. However for wine enthusiasts what a great gift idea.

The Robert Mondavi Private Selection X Woodzee Sierra Sunglasses – Recycled Oak Wine Barrel unusual sunglasses are available online at http://www.woodzee.com/woodzee-sierra-collection-robert-mondavi-private-selection.html. Consumers can choose between bronze and smoke lenses.

The Woodzee company’s website notes, “We are equally committed to promoting a healthier relationship between humankind and nature, by constructing beautiful pieces created from natural renewable resources.”

While visiting wine regions we have seen many decorative and useful items made with old oak barrels no longer used for aging wine. What is landfill material for one person is a treasure or recyclable to another creative individual. Relax, sit back and think about you would create with an old oak barrel.

Woodzee also creates sunglasses using other types of wood including: beech, pear, bamboo, zebra and guibourtia wood.

The Trees Project

For every pair of sunglasses purchased, Woodzee plants a tree. Woodzee works with a variety of companies dedicated to increasing trees throughout the world. Organizations include:

Would you buy a pair of sunglasses made with wood frames? What would you create if you had an old oak barrel no longer suitable for wine?

Cheers! Kathy

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