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A Creative Wine and Book Venue Springs Forth in Denver

If you can own a wine bar why not a book bar and better yet why not a wine/book bar?

Finally a creative person in Denver, Colorado has created a venue for wine lovers and book lovers. Nicole Sullivan (no relation to me) has opened the BookBar on Tennyson Street in Denver.

Wine lovers will discover small finger foods. That way no setting your book down to pick up a fork or knife. The menu includes: beverages of coffee, tea hot chocolate, beer and wine. Small plates include crostini (canapés,) pizzetta (small flatbread pizza,) tea sandwiches and desserts from local bakeries. Several Colorado beers are available. The wines available at BookBar are mostly from outside of Colorado which I find a bit disappointing although a red wine from Bonacquisti is on the wine list. Hopefully, more Colorado wines will be added.

Book lovers will discover 3,000 books to browse some of which are on the independent book stores best sellers list. Book enthusiasts can also order books from the BookBar online store. BookBar is not trying to compete with box stores and online shopping. BookBar offers an experience.

In addition, special events for groups as small as 10 can be booked at the BookBar. Public events include trivia nights, First Friday nights, reading and book signings, a variety of happy hours, and weekend specials.

Check out the logo for the BookBar. It’s very appropriate for their particular business model – a bookshelf filled with books plus a glass of wine.

You can be sure that if I have the opportunity to visit Denver, one stop I’ll make will be the BookBar.

Book Bar
4280 Tennyson Street
Denver, CO 80212

Cheers, Kathy

P.S. Interesting to know that I wrote this entire blog before realizing that the BookBar is offering our book, A Wine Journey, through their online store. Many thanks to Nicole for including one of our books.

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