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San Francisco Chronicle Wine Public Tasting on Valentine’s Day

Gloria Ferrer Sparkling Wine a winner at the SFCWC!

Gloria Ferrer sparkling wine – a winner at the SFCWC!

The winners of San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition for 2015 have been announced. A public tasting of these award winning wines will take place February 14. (What a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!) Currently tickets for this special public tasting are available online.

The selected wines were chosen from more than 6,300 entries. Wines were classified by divisions including Sparkling, White Wines, Pink Wines, Red Wines, Dessert/Specialty Beverages. A Wine Label division was also available. As might be expected the largest division was for red wines. Each division was divided into categories. The wine competition offered more than 100 categories for wines to be entered including wines by variety, and price, blends and price, fruit wine, port, cider and more. In addition awards were given for labels and packaging.

A wine was selected from each division to be a sweepstake wine.The 2015 Sweepstake Awards went to Gloria Ferrar, ZD Wines, Dr. Konstantin Frank in New York, Robert Hall Winery, Sonoma-Cutrer, Pezzi King, and Debonne Vineyards in Ohio.

Taking a look at the list of winners, it was great to see that award winning wineries were from several areas of the country. In addition to California wines, look for award winning wines from New York, Ohio, Virginia, Texas, Washington, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Idaho, Oregon, New Mexico, Missouri and Pennsylvania.

In addition, to the numerous wines to taste, food will be available as samples and also to purchase. Ticket holders will have the opportunity to sample or buy: artisan breads, hand made cheeses, sauces, desserts and more.

For anyone attending the public wine tasting of San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, the Holiday Inn San Francisco-Fisherman’s Wharf is the official host hotel for the 2015 public tasting.




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