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Mother’s Day is Coming Soon! Sunday, May 10

Celebrate Mother's Day with wine and flowers!

Celebrate Mother’s Day with wine and flowers!

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching! Sunday May 10

Have you decided how to celebrate Mother’s Day? Take time now to decide how to make Mother’s Day special. (If you have unfortunately lost your mother, why not honor her with a bouquet of flowers to remind you of her love.)

If you are fortunate to still have your mother in your life, I’ve selected a few ideas that just might please your mom this Mother’s Day! If nothing else plan to spend time with your mom.

Après Vin varietal grape seed oils

Après Vin varietal grape seed oils

Mother’s Day Wine-related Ideas/Gifts

  1. Spend time with your mom while sharing a bottle of wine and appetizers
  2. Share a visit to a winery tasting room with your mom
  3. Aprés Vin specially made varietal grape seed oils are wonderful for cooking
  4. Aprés Vin also makes special soaps made with grape seeds
  5. Consider a bottle of wine with a special Mother’s Day label.
  6. Perhaps a bottle of wine with a flower or restaurant gift certificate attached
  7. A bottle of champagne, cava or prosecco – many people enjoy sparkling wines!
  8. Dinner with your mother at a restaurant – one that specializes in a good wine selection
  9. A  set of stemware, a decanter, or a small wine rack

Your mother is special; so try to make this one day a year special for her.


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