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Johnny Walker Tasting on the Seas

050915aA Johnny Walker promotional event on the Carnival Pride took place on our voyage. Of course after the tasting, there was a special discount for their products. The discount was 10% which amounted to over a $300 saving on the most expensive bottle. When I learned the cost, I moved away from the counter the bottle was on, not wanting to take a chance on tipping the bottle over.

050915bThere were several different bottle of JW including:
Black with 12 years of aging and a cost of $40
Double black $45
Gold $68
Platinum with 18 years aging, $110
The Royal Route $159
The Gold Route $105
The Spice Shop $45
Blue $177
Blue Cruise $275
King George, made with distilleries that were only opened during the reign of King George, $515

Two of the scotches were tasted. The Platinum with18 years of aging had a gold color. The aroma and taste included sweetness, grain and peat. It was smooth with heat on the finish. The 10% discount brought the cost down to $99. We saw the same Platinum at a duty free wine shop in Freeport, Bahamas for $87. It helps to do your research.

The second scotch was the Spice Shop. This too had a gold color. It had a sweet taste with peat and spice notes.

What I learned from this tasting is that I do not like the influence of peat on the whiskey. My preferred whiskey continues to be bourbon.


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