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Quote from a Winery

One of the best quotes I have heard recently was  “We are not certified organic because we don’t think we should have to pay to be good.”

Of course, this was in regard to a question to a winemaker about whether they were certified organic. Should a winery need to pay someone to be certified organic? There are two sides to this issue.

Many years ago, Terry and I  were brought up to work hard and to do the best you can do. Most work doesn’t pay a higher salary because you work hard – at least I haven’t come across many occupations. However, for me it is the satisfaction that comes with a job well done.

Winemakers who create wonderful wines work hard and I’m sure there is a wonderful, probably gleeful attitude, when wines receive praise.

So back to why be certified organic if you are already good? Should a winery be more trusted because they are certified organic or certified Biodynamic? Not necessarily. Is it just a marketing ploy?  I’m quite sure the people involved in certifying wineries take their work seriously.

However, there is a price to pay for a winery to be certified organic or Biodynamic. Visits must be made to each winery and records perused to determine what sprays are being used to control fungus and insects. These inspections cost in travel and time. Are they worth it? I don’t really know. Do you?

Perhaps I’m a bit naive on this point but I’d rather trust people until they perhaps prove themselves wrong. So as I continue to visit wineries, I will look for the good aspects of each winery.


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