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Ribera Y Rueda Regions Focus: Millennials

Ribera Y Rueda Wine Regions of Spain

Ribera Y Rueda Wine Regions of Spain

One of the featured Wine Discovery sessions at the Wine Bloggers Conference 2015 held in the Finger Lakes in August was Ribera Y Rueda. The presenters were enthusiastic and made the two regions of Spain north of Madrid enticing to explore. Ribera Y Rueda Wine Regions are working together creating one brand.

The mission of the Ribera del Duero  and Rueda  is to “Put the wines of Ribera del Duerro and Rueda on the top of the next gen wine drinkers’

  • radar screens
  • -gotta-taste-it/shopping lists
  • tables.”

The Ribera and Rueda wine regions want to prove that their Spanish wines speak to and for the next generation wine drinkers. The speakers noted that in Rueda the Verdejo grape variety is the region’s signature grape. In Ribera, the focus is on Tempranillo.

A leaflet provided at the presentation notes, “With ripping hot summers, frigid winters and a rocky, rigid terrain, Ribera del Duero is an absolute paradise for the Tempranillo grapes grown here. Rueda’s climate is simply perfect for the Verdejo grapes that flourish here: hot days and cool nights. Rueda wines are basically everything that most popular white wines aren’t these days: Full of flavor, interesting, unique and as game for oysters and sushi as they are pizza or cheese and crackers.”

Attendees learned the winemaking history of the two regions:

Rueda Emoji Tasting

Rueda Emoji Tasting


  1. The region is the number one market leader in Spain
  2. Today Rueda has 63 wineries
  3. Verdejo is thought to have originated in Northern Africa.
  4. The first production dates back to the 11th century.
  5. Vineyards lost two-thirds of the vine to phylloxera.
  6. The D.O. established in 1980 focuses on Verdejo.

Ribera Del Duero 

  1. Winemaking has taken place in the Ribera Del Duero for thousands of years. Romans were making wine here 2000 years ago.
  2. Medieval monasteries developed winemaking traditions. This included storing wine in temperature controlled cellars and introducing Tempranillo.
  3. Today the area has 299 wineries.
  4. Tempranillo (Tinto Fino) is the major grape variety. This grape variety is 95% of the D.O.
  5. In 2012 Wine Enthusiast named the region Wine Region of the Year.

The presenters went on to talk about the terroir and the wines themselves using emojis to demonstrate the aromas and tastes of the wines.

Portia from

Bodegas Portia Crianza

During the presentation we tasted wines from the region including from Bodegas Avellino Vegas and Bodegas Portia. The Bodegas Portia Crianza  was 100% Tinta Fina del Pais. It was aged in French and American oak.

The next time you enjoy a wine from the Ribera or Rueda regions tweet about it and use the hash tag #SiWhatsNext.

For more information about these two special Spanish wine regions visit the Ribera Y Rueda website.


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