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Discovering a Grape Pie

101315aWe have occasionally visited a winery or vineyard that make a grape pie. The most recent winery that did this was Buttonwood Grove Winery in Romulus, New York along Cayuga Lake. We learned that the pies are made from Concord grapes and are very popular. At the time of our August visit, they did not have any pies. While visiting our daughter and son-in-law in Ohio, we had breakfast at Der Dutchman in Plain City, Ohio. They had signs posted throughout the restaurant about their grape pie. We left with a grape pie in hand.

A quick Internet search reveals that there are multiple recipes for grape pie. Most often the recipe is for a pie made with Concord grapes, although we visited a winery that made it with other grapes. The Concord grape is an attractive grape for these pies. Many recipes call for separating the skins and pulp. Concord skins are easier to separate from the pulp than other grapes. The recipes suggest using two pots and by hand take a grape in each hand and squeeze it. Let the pulp fall into one pan and place the skins in the second pan. After boiling the pulp and putting it through a food mill, the sieved pulp is added to the second pan with the grape skins. A thickening agent is added and this mixture of pulp and skins is brought to a boil. It can be canned for future pie fillings or made into a pies at this time.

If you like Concord grapes you’ll probably like this pie. It tasted of Concord grapes. On the other hand if you do not like Welch’s grape juice or jelly, you may not like the grape pie. The Der Dutchman grape pie had some texture of whole grapes. It had whole grapes, minus the seeds, in the pie. I would be interested in trying grape pie made from other grapes and compare those to pie made with Concord grapes.


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