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Make-shift Mimosa at Cruising Altitude

2013 Andover Estate Chardonnay served on Delta Airlines

2013 Andover Estate Chardonnay served on Delta Airlines

I recently had an early morning flight on Delta. Although the flight served wine, they did not have a sparkling wine. One has to become creative to have a mimosa with breakfast. The flight attendant was very accommodating and poured a glass with half Chardonnay and half orange juice. The orange juice somewhat overpowered the Chardonnay except for the aftertaste. The flight attendant suggested adding a club soda to see if the bubbles would come closer to a mimosa. I added a splash at a time and tasted it. At about twenty percent the bubbles kicked in and improved the blend.

On this Delta flight, the Chardonnay was a 2013 Andover Estate Small Batch Production Chardonnay from Monterey County, California. The make-shift mimosa blend ended being 40% Chardonnay, 40% orange juice and 20% club soda. The resulting blend had an orange juice aroma and taste with the Chardonnay kicking in with layers of apple, pear, melon and vanilla. There was citrus on the finish with a trace of chalkiness. The orange juice also added to the citrus.

Wine is an ingredient of many of the foods we prepare. It certainly can become an ingredient of cocktails. When at 30,000 feet in the air, becoming creative at 7:00 am can yield rewards.


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