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Scholarship Foundation Donates $1 Million to WSU

Vineyards in Washington

The Wine Spectator Scholarship Foundation is donating one million dollars to Washington State University’s viticulture and enology program. While you may wonder why so much to a Washington State University, it just makes sense. The state of Washington is home to more than 300 grape growers. The grape growing conditions are different in Washington compared to California. Doesn’t it make sense to offer students the winemaking and winegrowing experience of Washington?

Many wine enthusiasts have heard of UC Davis’ wine education. Perhaps not as many are as aware of Washington State’s dynamic wine culture. However, for anyone interested in pursuing wine education, the Washington State University programs should be considered.

Washington State University wine programs include undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as certificates.

The programs for certificates seem ideal for many people especially those who already have full-time careers but are interested in the vineyards and winemaking. The certificate program is for the Viticulture certificate and the Enology Certificate. The certificate program is designed for anyone who is interested in wine industry. What’s particularly great about these certificates is that the program offers online classes. In addition the certificate program includes three mandatory weekend camps to receive a certificate.

Graduate programs at Washington State University offer students the opportunity to take an intensive look at a variety of wine and vineyards aspects. Focus can be on wine chemistry, economics, soil or pest management.


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