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Our Journey to Lisbon, First Leg Dulles to Amsterdam

Wine helps to soothe travel woes.

Scholarship Foundation Donates $1 Million to WSU

The Wine Spectator Scholarship Foundation is donating $1 million dollars to Washington State University’s viticulture and enology program.

Deborah and David Hansen a Bit of Walla Walla in France

The Hansens established Cougar Crest Winery in 2001. Both attended Washington State University in the 1970s and pursued careers in the San Francisco area. Deborah’s career was in pharmacy while David’s was in veterinary medicine. During the nearly two decades living in California, the couple visited wineries and became interested in making wine. They purchased […]

Andy and Heidi Shepherd, Touring French Vineyards and Wineries

Heidi recalls that she had a house with a two car garage. She married Andy, and one day one of the cars was moved out of the garage so Andy could make wine. Using Washington fruit, Andy had success. Soon the other car was moved out of the garage so that the garagistes winery could […]

Harold Thoreen and Suzanne Haggard, WSU France Wine Regions Trip

Harold enjoys drinking wine and has been a wine enthusiast since the early 1970s. Suzanne enjoys working with plants. Blending their two passions, it made sense for them to join others in a partnership to plant a vineyard along the Columbia River, not far from Chelan, Washington. This area is a new frontier for wine […]

Leah Norton Searching for a Wine Program

Leah’s interest in wine began in her sophomore year in college. She had an opportunity to attend a board of trustees event that year and ended up talking to a man who had a passion for wine and wineries. The man talked about how he bought property in Virginia that was planted with peaches. He […]

Gary and Diane Forristall on Tour of French Wine Regions

Some have said it takes a lot of beer to make good wine. For Gary and Diane Forristall, that saying may not be far off the mark. They were beer drinkers before they became wine drinkers. The couple had a farm in Iowa and there was a section of land where they could grow something. […]

Yvette Arias, WSU France Trip

Although not currently in the wine trade, Yvette is planning for her future and considering attending the Enology and Viticulture program at WSU. She is also looking at the possibilities growing vines and making wines. Evette’s wine journey began as a youth. Yvette and her cousins were visiting her aunt, when Yevette had the idea […]

Frank and Teri Michiels, Eight Bells Winery

For some, their wine journey begins early in life. That is the case for Frank and Teri Michiels, partners at Eight Bells Winery in Seattle, Washington. Teri’s wine tasting began very early. She attended a convent school in Belgium. The nuns use to give the students a mixture of wine and water with their lunch. […]

Theresa Beaver, Viticulture and Enology Certificate Coordinator Washington State University

Theresa is the group leader for our WSU France wine region trip. Prior to working at WSU, Theresa enjoyed sweet pink wines. In 2006, she became the coordinator for the Viticulture and Enology Certificate, a role that opened the world of wine. As a certificate coordinator, Theresa became exposed to the material the students were […]

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