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Yvette Arias, WSU France Trip

Although not currently in the wine trade, Yvette is planning for her future and considering attending the Enology and Viticulture program at WSU. She is also looking at the possibilities growing vines and making wines. Evette’s wine journey began as a youth. Yvette and her cousins were visiting her aunt, when Yevette had the idea of drinking some of the cooking wine in her aunt’s refrigerator. She shared the wine with her cousins. Yvette recalls the experience, but can’t remember anything about the wine. The cooking wine didn’t leave a lasting impression.

While in college Yvette had some inexpensive wines. It wasn’t until after college that wine travel turned her wine journey into one of a wine enthusiast. Yevette visited Spain and discovered the wonderful world of tapas and wine. Later she visited Toscono in Italy and on this trip visited a family-run winery. This visit was a tipping point and Yvette thought that she would like to have a vineyard and winery some day.

While Yvette worked on her MBA degree, she focused on the wine business. Now she is doing her research, visiting wineries and vineyards.Yvette likes every aspect of growing the vines and making wine.


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