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Frank and Teri Michiels, Eight Bells Winery

For some, their wine journey begins early in life. That is the case for Frank and Teri Michiels, partners at Eight Bells Winery in Seattle, Washington. Teri’s wine tasting began very early. She attended a convent school in Belgium. The nuns use to give the students a mixture of wine and water with their lunch. From first grade through sixth grade Teri had this wine mixture with her lunches. As an adult, Teri likes wine.

Frank’s father lived in Wisconsin. A cousin went to Hollywood, California and Frank’s father followed him a while later. Frank’s father sold his car to buy half of the bar, The Coach and Horse, his cousin was running on the Sunset Strip. It wasn’t long before Frank’s father sold his shares in the bar, and opened a liquor store next to the bar.

Almor Wine and Spirits is the oldest, continuously run liquor store in Los Angeles. Its cliental include Hollywood’s rich and famous. As a youngster, Frank was a delivery boy for Almor Wine and Spirits. As such, he met many famous people who liked high end wines. Frank took an interest in wines, that were mostly French at the time. During his early twenties, Frank had multiple opportunities to visit wineries in Napa Valley. Those visits led Frank on a wine journey, as did the time he lived in Germany. Growing up in a liquor store and travel to wine regions led Frank on a life-long wine journey. Now, Frank and Teri travel together, partners in a winery that has the unique problem of selling out of their wines.


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