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Edetària: A Winery in D.O. Alta Terra

Edetària wine from estate grown vineyards

At the APVSA (Association Pour La Promotion Des Vins & Spiriteux En Amérique Du Nord) wine tasting in early September, I tasted wines from Edetària, a 4th generation estate property in Spain.

The Edetària winery was established in 2006 is located in a region southwest of Barcelona. The winery is owned by Joan Lliberia.  Edetària is located about 20 kilometers from the Mediterranean in the D.O. Terra Alta. Today the winery is producing 35,000 cases. All Edetària wines are produced with their own estate grown grapes.

The winery places an emphasis on the age of its vineyards. The Edetària vineyards vary in age from 20 to 90 years old. There are 60 hectares of vineyards and all vineyards are hand pruned and harvested.

During wine production Edetària uses various sizes of tanks. This allows the winery to keep the grape varieties and the terroirs separate emphasizing the effect of the variety and terroir on the individual wines. Eventually the separate barrels of wine may be blended.

Via Edetària White 2016 was produced with two grape varieties with white Grenache as the primary variety and Viognier. This wine was aged for four months. The wine was a brilliant yellow color with little aroma. The taste had notes of pear and mineral. The finish was crisp. The winery suggests pairing this wine with risottos, and  fish such as swordfish, salmon and grilled tuna.

The Edetària DO Terra Alta Selecció Blanc 2015 was produced with old vine white Grenache grapes. The grapes were from the 60 to 90 year old vineyards. The wine was a dark yellow color. The taste was full-bodied and smooth with notes of mineral and melon. The finish was long and crisp and mellow. Edetària suggests pairing this wine with fish soup, black rice, fish and cheese.

Also tasted was the Edetària – DO Terra Alta – Selecció Red – 2015  that was produced with Garnache and Garnatxa Fina and a small amount of Carignan. The wine was an opaque purple/red color with 14.5% alcohol. The taste was dry and included notes of earthiness and blackberry. The finish had bold tannins and blackberry. Edetària suggests pairing this wine with game and red meats, cheese, mushrooms and chocolate.

When you have access to wines from Edetària, be sure to let your tastebuds experience these wines in the D.O. Alta Terra.


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