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A Cava for Valentine’s Day

Pata Negra Brut Rosé Cava

We received a sample of Pata Negra Brut Rosé Cava. This cava is produced by Garcia Carrion Winery, established in 1890. The cava is a blend of Trepat and Pinot Noir and spent a minimum of twelve months aging during the secondary fermentation. The cava’s color was a reddish orange. Their were multiple columns of tiny bubbles forming both a center and circumference mousse on the wine’s surface. The aroma was reminiscent of strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. The mouthfeel was creamy and lively. The taste included berry fruits with cherries on the finish. The cava retails for $14.99. The varietal grape, Trepat, is an indigenous grape to the Catalonia region. It is one of the native grapes approved for use in the production of rosé cavas.

This cava pairs well with several occasions, especially Valentine’s Day. The red color and lively bubbles creates a setting of celebration. The cava would make a wonderful aperitif for Valentine’s Day and pairs well with different foods. Food pairings include almonds, cheese, avocado salads, and oriental food. We decided to pair with almonds and a stir fry. It matched up nicely with the almonds. The stir-fry included pineapple. The red berry taste of the cava matched well with the pineapple in the stir fry.

Placa from the Pata Negra Brut Rosé Cava

The label design took inspiration from the gate of Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Mila in Barcelona. More interesting than the bottle label is the placa (Catalan, placo French, chapa Spanish) on the cork. The placa shows a scene of two women, one sitting on a park bench. Many of the cava and champagne producers use decorative placas to protect the cork from the wire cage. We have been collecting placas since our first trip to Catalonia. If you have not started collecting them, the Pata Negra Brut Rosé Cava can be your first.

Garcia Carrion is a large business that includes juices and wines. The company portfolio of wines includes ten D.O.s including D.O. Cava. Their portfolio also includes non-D.O. wines and spirits.


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