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How Wine Enthusiasts Can Make the Most of Lent Part 3

This is the third part of a series where we are making suggestions for what you can give up for Lent if you are a wine enthusiast who observes Lent. However, as we worked on this series, these items may be good to give up permanently whether you observe Lent or not.

Give Up: Excuses

Don’t make excuses for not trying a wine or doing something wine related during Lent. Make time each day during Lent to do something such as enjoy a glass of wine, read about wine, write about wine or visit a winery.

Give up excuses for Lent and visit a winery.

Give Up: Blame

Don’t blame a winery for a wine that has been mistreated. After purchasing the wine, did you leave it in the trunk of your car on a hot day? Where are you storing the wine in your home? Did you leave a bottle of wine opened for a day or two? Did you serve the wine in plastic cups?

We heard the story of a wine shop that stored a $600 bottle of wine on the second floor of the building without air conditioning during a hot summer. The unsuspecting wine buyer would not know until they opened the bottle.

Give up making comparisons

Give Up: Comparisons

Sometimes comparing things is not helpful. There is nothing to be gained by comparing the size of your wine cellar or wine refrigerator with your neighbors. Whether you have one bottle or twenty cases of wine, what is important is the enjoyment and wonder of the wine in each bottle. Do not compare the price point of the wines you drink and enjoy with the price point of what someone else likes to drink and enjoy.

Give Up: Worry

Do you worry about what wine to serve with food? Give up this worry during Lent. Although there are some standard practices of pairing wine and food, there are also exceptions. “Drink what you like” is an exception. Don’t worry about the wine you are serving. You can always serve the wine as an apéritif prior to the meal. If you have a sweet wine, serve it for dessert.

Don’t worry about buying a wine based on a point system. Some wonderful wines are available that don’t rate the 90+ points. The point systems are based on the judges palates which may not be the same as your palate. Only you know what you like.

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Terry & Kathy

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