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Virginia Governor’s Cup Gala

Tonight in Richmond is the 2018 Virginia Governor’s Cup Gala event. This year 442 wines were entered into the competition from 100 different Virginia wineries. An amazing 99 gold medals were awarded. The gold medal wines fell in certain categories:

– 36 gold medals for Bordeaux Blend wines
– 11 gold medals for Petit Verdots
– 11 gold medals for Viogniers
– 8 gold medals for Chardonnays
– 5 gold medals for Petit Mansengs
– 3 gold medals for Tannats and three red blends with Tannat
– 4 gold medals for dessert wines

Many of these gold medal wines will be poured at the Governor’s Gala tonight in Richmond. Kathy and I were invited to attend the event. Yesterday we had an opportunity to taste one of the gold medal wines at Paradise Springs Winery. The PVT was a blend of Petit Verdot and Tannat, two grapes grown in Virginia that I enjoy. The PVT was fruity with a full body and bold tannins.

For a glimpse of the 2018 gold medal winners see below.


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