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Winemaking and Wine Tasting at Tin Lizzie Wineworks

A couple of weeks ago we stopped by Tin Lizzie Wineworks, a teaching winery, in Clarksville, Maryland. This is an unusual winery where wine enthusiasts and wine lovers can produce their own wines under the guidance of Dave Zuchero, owner and winemaker. 

Yesterday we received an email from Dave announcing an “Exclusive Vertical Cabernet Tasting”  that is scheduled for October 3. If you are interested in crafting your own wine, you may want to attend this event. The wine tasting is limited to only 20 people. If you want to attend, contact Dave Zuchero at dave@tinlizziewineworks.com.

The email from Tin Lizzie announced that for a very limited time, there is time for anyone to sign up to make wine this fall. Spaces are still available to craft quarter and half barrels of wine. As of yesterday, interested people can choose to participate in any of the following barrels:

  • Super Premium Paso Robles the Prison-Style Zinfandel Blend
  • Super Premium Left Bank Bordeaux Blend
  • Super Premium Sauvignon Blanc
  • Super Premium Albarino
  • Premium Rose

If you are interested in crafting your very own wine this year, learn more by attending the “Exclusive Vertical Cabernet Tasting”. Time is getting short to get in on the 2018 winemaking at Tin Lizzie. 

We have crafted wine at Tin Lizzie in other years and discovered it to be a fun way to learn more about wine. Since our last winemaking experience at Tin Lizzie, Dave has increased the size of the winery production area and added other changes as well. We suggest you check Tin Lizzie Wineworks website and talking with Dave soon for more details.

See the photos of our last visit to Tin Lizzie.


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