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A Third Day in the Tokaj, Hungary Wine Region

Our wine in Hungary continued for the third day. We spent the entire day in Tokaj exploring and tasting the sweet Azu wines as well as the new and upcoming dry wines. After leaving our lodging site of Gróf Degenfeld Castle, we visited Kikelit Cellars , Hetszolo Estate Vineyard and Oremus.

At Oremus, a large winery, we saw several carboys aging gallons of Eszencia. Oremus was established by a Spanish company. The winery was named for a vineyard. Grape varieties in the Oremus vineyards include Furmint, Hárslevelü, Sárgamuskotály and Zéta. The cellars of the winery remain a constant 11 to 12 degrees Celsius (52 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit).

As soon as we reached Kikelit, we stopped in a room where the types of soil and rocks from the vineyards were displayed. One drawer displayed fossils, another rocks and stones and then the third displayed artifacts found in the vineyards. Guesses were made as to what some of the items were and well as what the items were used for. It was a quick, fun moment. 

Kikelit Cellars

Soon we were provided with a tour of the cellar which are about 300 years old, although no one knows exactly.  Next we went to the upper level of the building where we were enveloped in a bath of sunshine. Glass windows allow in plenty of light. A door leads to the outside patio which is adjacent to a recently planted demonstration vineyard that will include several grapevines of the grape varieties growing in Tokaj.

Far in advance of reaching the Hetszolo vineyards, we saw a “Hollywood” style sign placed high in the hills of vineyards announcing TOKAJ – HETSZOLO.  Arriving at the vineyards, we met American-born Kathryn who provided us with a walk up through the vineyards as she described the organic techniques the winery is currently using. 

Hetszolo Estate Vineyard

Kathryn also talked about the history of Hetszolo vineyards and how grapes had been growing here for centuries. At one time the vineyards had been owned by seven separate winegrowers who eventually sold the vineyards to one individual. After the trek through the vineyards, we went into Tokaj where the winery operates a tasting room located over deep cellars that have their own renowned history. Later we went to an upper floor tasting room where it was brighter and a bit warmer. We tasted several of the Hetszolo wines including a phenomenal Tokaji Eszencia which is produced with free run juice from botrytised grapes.

For our wine journey, Day 3 was another successful day!

Kathy and Terry

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