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The Fourth Day of Visiting Hungary

Árvay Family Cellars in Tokaj, Hungary

Our fourth day in Hungary began with a visit to Árvay Family Cellars. As soon as we arrived we were greeted by family members who are very involved in the winemaking, vineyards and marketing of the Árvay  wines. The vineyards of 17 hectares are organic. The vineyards consist of Hungarian and international grapevines. Upon entering the tasting room, visitors will quickly see a large display of the rocks that have been found over the years in the vineyards. The family knows details of the rocks including the ones that have fossils. Later our discussion included the improvements to the Hungarian wine industry including the more recently produced good, food friendly, dry wines.

Wine at Tóth Ferenc in Eger, Hungary

While we were excited to visit the next wine region of Hungary, we were sorry to leave Tokaj, a world renowned wine region that is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. However before long, we entered Eger another great wine region of Hungary. Our first winery to visit in Eger was Tóth Ferenc. The winery was founded in 1983 beginning with six hectares. Today the owner prefers working in the vineyard and has a winemaker who is excited to make wines in the Eger region. After touring the winery and the cellars built in 2011 we went to an upper floor where we tasted several wines with the winemaker. Two of the special wines we taste were Egri Bikavér (Bull’s Blood) and Egri Leányka Superior 2016.

Our day finished with a delicious five course meal at the Macok Restaurant located just outside of the Eger Castle walls where the legend of the Bull’s Blood originated. True or not the legend is not only entertaining but fascinating.

As we left the restaurant that night, we knew would be visiting Eger Castle the next day where we hoped to learn more about the Siege of Eger in 1552 and its connection with the legend of Bull’s Blood wine.


Kathy and Terry

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