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Boscarelli, a Winery in Tuscany

Boscarelli, a winery located in Montepulciano in Tuscany, was started in 1962 by Egidio Corradi when he purchased two partially abandoned farms. Today the winery continues under his daughter Paola De Ferrari Corradi and grandsons Luca and Nicolò. It was Luca and Nicolò who replanted the vineyards during the 1980s.

Boscarelli’s Prugnolo Red Wine

While attending the Barolo Brunello Barbaresco 2020, presented by Empson USA in Washington DC, I tasted two red wines from Boscarelli winery.

The  35 acres of vineyards have a high concentration of Sangiovese but also has indigenous grape varieties including Colorino, Canaiolo and Mammolo. Small plantings of Cabernet and Merlot are also in the vineyards. Boscarelli winery produces 100,000 bottles.

Visitors to Boscarelli should book a visit ahead of arriving at the winery. Bookings are available online. Visitors have the opportunity to choose from several types of tours including:

  • A Wine Tasting of four wines
  • The Visit that includes visiting the vineyard and cellar and a wine tasting
  • The Comparative Tour with a walk in the vineyard, a visit to the cellar and a wine tasting of six wines that includes an opportunity to compare the wines.
  • Traditional Wines of Montepulciano: a visit to the vineyard with a look at techniques and purity styles and soil; an explanation of native varieties, a visit to the cellar with information about winemaking techniques, with five wines to taste.
  • Education Tour: Complex, extended tour that also includes an extra virgin olive oil tasting with bruschetta bread.

Tara Empson from Empson USA showcased the Boscarelli wines at the Barolo Brunello Barbaresco wine tasting.

Boscarelli wine


Rosso Di Montepulciano “Prugnolo” DOC 2018 was a blend of 90% Sangiovese with Mammolo. The wine was a translucent light red color. This dry wine had a light aroma with notes of earthiness. The wine offered bold tannins and the tannins tended to coat the tongue. 

Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano DOCG 2017  was a blend of Sangiovese and the three indigenous grapes of Canaiolo, Mammolo and Colorino. The winemaking protocol included fermentation for one week and then maceration for several days.  The wine was in Allier and Slavonian oak barrels for 18-24 months of aging. The result was a wine with a translucent red color (darker than the “Prugnolo” wine). The aroma reminded me of summer time red berries. The taste included smooth and chewy tannins. Fruit and tannins were observed on the finish.

When you have the opportunity consider trying the wines from Boscarelli.


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