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Save Your Wine with the Savino Connoisseur Wine Saving Carafe

Savino Enthusiast

Sometimes wine drinkers experience a partially filled bottle of wine after opening it. On occasions we have had an opened bottle of wine sitting on our kitchen counter for over a week. More often white than red, since many of the unused red wines end up in our wine vinegar crock. Although this is unusual, it does happen. What if we could pour the unused wine into a container and have it last for a week?

We received a Savino Enthusiast wine carafe from Savino to try (retail $29.95). We generally drink more red wine than white wine; I decided to try a white wine to see what the wine would be like over a week. The week extended an extra day so our results are for eight days. The Savino website suggests that a wine will stay fresh for up to a week. We pushed that timeframe a bit. 

2017 Palffy Jhufark
2017 Palffy Jhufark

For a white wine we chose a 2017 Palffy Juhfark that we brought back from a trip to Hungary. This white grape is indigenous to Hungary and is a Vitis vinifera grape. On the first day of tasting the wine, we noted that it had a light yellow color with a straw hue. This color did not change over the eight days the wine was in the Savino. The aroma on the first day was floral and fruity. The taste was reminiscent of daisies, citrus, yellow stone fruit and a hint of pear. The mouthfeel was silky and the wine had a medium body. The finish was crisp. The wine had a long aftertaste.

2017 Palffy Jhufark
2017 Palffy Jhufark three days later

Three days later, we tasted the wine again with most of the same results. The color and aroma were the same as the first day and we felt the taste was very fresh with daisies, citrus, yellow stone fruit and a hint of pear. In addition to the crisp finish, we noticed a bit of mineral on the finish. The wine had an extremely long aftertaste.

Eight days later we finished the wine. There were more changes in the wine by the eighth day, but the wine was still enjoyable. The color was the same as it was on the first day. We did notice a slight lessening of the aroma. On the taste, pear was more dominant and the citrus and yellow stone fruit were in the background. The taste was still smooth and the wine still retained its medium body. The fruit forward finish was a little diminished but still there. The wine continued to have a long aftertaste.

Savino Enthusiast
Eight days later pouring from the Savino Enthusiast

Savino Enthusiast wine carafe lived up to our expectations. If you are looking for an unusual gift, perhaps for Mother’s Day, consider a Savino carafe. The company has two carafes. The Savino Enthusiast is made of plastic while the Savino Connoisseur is made of glass and retails for $49.95. How does this carafe work?

There are three parts to the carafe. The body holds a 750 ml bottle of wine. Over the wine you place a float. Since the float literally floats on the wine’s surface, as the volume of the wine in the carafe lessens, the float goes down. There is also a lid to the carafe that you insert and slightly turn. The system helps keep oxygen away from the wine’s surface. Although the carafe and parts are dishwasher safe, it was easy to clean by hand. To serve the wine, remove the lid and just pour the wine. The float does not impede the wine below it as it turns direction to allow the wine to flow. 

This is a nice carafe to keep on the counter or in the refrigerator. It works well in keeping a white wine fresh. We will have to try a rosé and a red wine.


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