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Finally, a Guide for Visiting Tasting Rooms

While visiting Catoctin Breeze Vineyard in Thurmont, Maryland earlier this year, we mentioned to winemaker, Mike Lentini, that we were writing a book for visitors to tasting rooms. Mike enthusiastically said, “Finally.” It seems that a book discussing what to expect and how to act in a tasting room is long overdue. The motivation to […]

Spring Edition of the Wine Trail Traveler Quarterly

Yesterday, Wine Trail Traveler released the spring edition of the Wine Traveler Quarterly. The spring edition of the Quarterly can be viewed as a pdf at http://www.winetrailtraveler.com/newsletter/magspring10.pdf . For many people weekends are good for spending time in the kitchen; check out some of the tasty recipes included. Winter Winemaking Scene My Grapevines Are Crying 2010 […]

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