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Black Star Farms, a Winery Destination, Helps the Local Community

I’m always interested in the ways wineries benefit their communities. Just having a winery tasting room in a community would typically benefit restaurants, hotels, bed and breakfasts and gas stations. I’m sure other businesses get some extra business from those staying for the night, very likely purchasing items from other shops in the area. After […]

Local Wineries Support Community

Sometimes it makes one wonder about people who don’t want a winery in their own backyard. Sure neighbors need to realize that a winery is a business and that the vineyards are like having a farm next door. Hours can’t be just the traditional 9am to 5pm. However the benefits of having a winery in […]

Wine and Lifestyle in a Community

This week we discovered a Virginia community based on lifestyle and one of the important aspects of this community is that includes a winery as the focal point. The winery is already in place and producing several very nice wines. With 25.5 acres of vineyards surrounding the winery, they plan to add more vines for […]

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