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Two White Cabernet Sauvignons

We tasted two white Cabernet Sauvignons with friends from Moldova. They brought a 2012 Blanc de Cabernet from Albastrele Winery in Moldova. Our second white Cab was a 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon that we made with grapes from Virginia. Both wines had one similarity, the vintage. After that they were completely different. The 2012 Albastrele Blanc […]

Red Wine of Moldova

We tasted red wines from eleven of the twelve wine producers at the Wine of Moldova tasting in Washington DC on Monday, July 28th. As with the white wines, the red wines were made from international grapes, indigenous varieties and one Georgian variety. The red wines also expressed the earthiness and minerality associated with the […]

White Wine of Moldova

On Monday July 28th, Kathy and I attended a tasting of Wine of Moldova in Washington D.C. Eleven producers were set up at tables pouring 32 wines representative of the four wine regions in the Southeastern European country. My first impression is that the wines, including international varieties, Georgian varieties and native varieties were very […]

Mr. Putin’s Stash

At the IWINETC (International Wine Tourism Conference) this past spring in the country Georgia, one of the sessions was on Moldova wineries.

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