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Tag Archives: Qvevri Project

Qvevri Coming to United Nations, Geneva

To help celebrate the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, the country Georgia is sending a qvevri to the UN offices in Geneva, according to a report in Agenda.ge. The qvevri will become a permanent display.  The relationship between a qvevri and the United Nations dates to late 2013. Qvevri winemaking was added to the […]

Are there Qvevri Makers in the United States?

Qvevris are clay vessels used for fermenting and aging wine. Unlike amphorae, qvevris are not used to transport wine, rather qvevris are buried underground and can remain in use for centuries. Qvevri production is mostly taking place in the country Georgia, where there are a handful of artisans left to create these vessels. We met […]

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