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Virginia Cider Made in Georgian Qvevri Served at Supra in Tbilisi

Buried under the ground not far from a shade tree are several qvevris that were made in the country Georgia. These earthen vessels, for making wine, traveled 6,500 miles for their resting place at Castle Hill Cidery in Keswick, Virginia. Stuart Madany, production manager, was interested in making cider in qvevris. He had first become […]

A Kakhetian Supra

Tradition, bounty and hospitality are the hallmarks of Simon Ruadze and his family. We had lunch in his distillery room just a short stroll from his house. Simon met us at our van, dressed in traditional Georgian dress. He spoke of providing visitors with an experience of a traditional Kakhetian supra. On the stroll to […]

Two Western Georgian Wine Tastings Turn into Supras

A supra is an important event in Georgia. It combines food, wine and people. The leader of a supra is a tamada. The tamada makes toasts, then everyone drinks. A tamada is not resigned to just one toast, but may make several toasts. Our last two wine tastings in Western Georgia turned into supras. Our […]

Our First Georgian Supra

We managed to sleep off a rather large lunch and prepare for dinner at Azarpesha in Tbilisi, Georgia. Azarpesha is a wine restaurant and the wines for the evening were made in qvevri. When we arrived we were warmly greeted by Laursab Togonidze who spoke about efforts to increase awareness of qvevri wines and qvevri […]

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