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WBC 11, One Week Later

It’s been a week since the end of the 2011 Wine Bloggers Conference in Charlottesville, Virginia and the tweets following the hashtags #WBC11 and #WBC12 continue without showing signs of slowing down. The Wine Trail Traveler attendees wrote five articles and 11 blog entries placed in one covenient location. There were several highlights that have […]

Entwine: a Portofolio of Wines from a Pairing of the Food Network and Wente Vineyards

For thousands of years wine was thought of as a food item rather than a beverage in Europe. More Americans are also coming to this way of thinking as wines are ordered with meals. Wine is an ingredient in many recipes. WineTrailTraveler.com has over 200 recipes that feature different wines as one of the ingredients. […]

Increase the Content – Reflections on WBC11

As press covering this Wine Bloggers Conference, I couldn’t help noticing that the content offered was much less than that provided at the Wineries Unlimited Trade Show and Conference earlier this year in Richmond, Virginia. As an educator, I look for the educational value of keynote addresses and breakout sessions. After reflection, I have some […]

What is Your Blog Article Worth?

One topic discussed at the “Wine Blogging and the Wine Industry” session at the Wine Bloggers Conference was if bloggers cross a line by accepting wine or comps. There were wine writers, as well as marketers and a publicist in the room. The resounding response is that no one crossed the line. In other words, […]

Wine Bloggers Conference and International Wines

Even the hot, humid weather is not enough to dampen people’s spirits at the 4th Annual Wine Bloggers Conference. Enthusiasm was in abundance Thursday afternoon while helping with the promo bags but last night after a delicious dinner at the Omni hotel, we went to check out the International wine tasting. Wines of Chile, Wines […]

Promotional Bags Ready for Regisration

Tomorrow when attendees at the Wine Bloggers Conference register, they will receive a promotional bag filled with goodies and plenty of reading material. Several stalwart people spent hours filling the bags on Thursday afternoon. The sea of red and black colored bags covered most of the floor and table space.  The bags are filled with […]

Excitement Builds as Wine Bloggers Conference Nears

The day before the start of the Wine Bloggers Conference and the chatter on Twitter is intense. I haven’t seen these many tweets for other wine-related conferences prior to their beginning. Whether one differentiates between a blogger and a writter or not, the point is both the wine bloggers and wine writers are writing. Watch […]

Prepping for the 2011 Wine Bloggers Conference

With ten more articles to write, photo edit and publish for wineries visited in Prince Edward County, Ontario and the Thousand Islands region of New York, the Wine Trail Traveler staff needs to pause and prep for the Wine Bloggers Conference. How do you prep for a conference? One thing is to make sure we […]

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