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Excitement Builds as Wine Bloggers Conference Nears

The day before the start of the Wine Bloggers Conference and the chatter on Twitter is intense. I haven’t seen these many tweets for other wine-related conferences prior to their beginning. Whether one differentiates between a blogger and a writter or not, the point is both the wine bloggers and wine writers are writing. Watch Twitter (#WBC11 and @WineBloggersCon) for evidence of the excitement building for this Wine Bloggers Conference.

I started looking at the attendee blogs yesterday and noted that many have several weekly entries. A few have daily entries. Fewer yet have only a couple entries for this year. There are blogs associated with websites and personal blogs. Some of the bloggers have their own domain while others use free sites such as Blogspot and WordPress. Many of the wine bloggers review wines while others are more general in topics related to the world of wine. In short this is a diverse group of bloggers.

The list of attendees also includes wineries, wine merchants, wine news and magazine publishers from both online and print media, and wine travel bloggers and writers. These participants should find a captivated audience of writers.

We’ll make our way south to Charlottesville tomorrow, but today, I’ll read many of the tweets and watch the excitement build. Other wine-related conferences should take note of the Wine Bloggers Conference and ask, “How might we build excitement for our conference prior to the conference?”


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