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Eat and Drink Regionally

October is a month of harvest and bounty. All kinds of fruit and vegetables are available locally at farms, farmer markets and some grocery stores. The 2007 vintage wines are available at local wineries. Why the push to buy locally?

One reason is that locally grown foods taste better. They are harvested closer to the time they are ripe since they generally do not need to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to a seller. Wines produced from locally grown grapes show the terroir of an area. When you purchase local products, you reduce the carbon footprint of the those items. There is a higher carbon footprint to purchase wines from regions around the world as opposed to purchasing wine produced locally.

During the week of October 6th, many wine bloggers are going to write about local wines. Wine Trail Traveler is going to cover wines and wineries from Colorado. In 2007,  there were 72 wineries in Colorado and the number is increasing. Most of the vineyards are planted between 4000 and 7000 feet high. Colorado is an up and coming wine region that we will continue hearing more about.

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