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Consumer Friendly Wine Bottle Labels

Some wine bottle labels are more consumer friendly than others. Miyone, a Granacha from the Campo de Borja region in Aragon, Spain has a graphical back label. The label shows the level (as a pie chart) of fruitiness, body, sweetness and pleasure. What foods pair with the wine? Again graphics and bar graphs are used for how well the wine pairs with cheese, soup, vegetables, pasta, and pork. The label even shows a map of Spain and has a red dot to show the location of the vineyards that produced the Granacha. Consumers can quickly look at the label and decide if this wine matches what they would like to pair with the dinner they have planned for the evening. It also helps consumers, who want this wine for dinner, to decide what foods to pair with the wine. The graphics are helpful. A quick glance at the label gives one much more information than is on most bottles of wine.

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