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All is Calm

Christmas morning always seems quieter and calmer than other mornings throughout the year. It offers a time for reflection. Since January, 2007, Wine Trail Traveler visited 300 winery/vineyard tasting rooms. During our travels we’ve heard many heart-warming stories. The holiday season is a good time to read some of these stories.

December 2008 issue

Extending a Helping Hand, a story of a winery owner reaching out to help other businesses in the community.
Last Three Rows: a tribute to a grower by a winemaker.
Austin’s Red and Austin’s White: a new career in the wine industry offers an opportunity to help children with autism.
Families Creating Together is about the many family run wineries.

December 2007 issue

Teddy, a story of survival.
Romance for the Heart: a look at the romantic side of wineries and vineyards
A Parent’s Eye: parents pride of their children.

If you have a chance for a quiet time today, enjoy these stories. The Wine Trail traveler staff wish you and your family a blessed holiday season.

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