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The Day After Christmas

We hope you all had a delightful and peaceful Christmas. Many of our family members were able to be home for Christmas. Christmas morning began with opening stockings and then breakfast before getting to other gifts. Soon we were in the kitchen preparing a mid afternoon dinner. We had a traditional Christmas dinner and everyone helped with the cooking or cleanup. For dinner we chose to have a wine produced by Hinnant Family Vineyards in North Carolina. Holiday Classic is a muscadine wine that offers a spicy and fruity taste. It was quite sweet. We noticed with our family, one either likes muscadine wine or not. 

Muscadine wines are quite unusual but some people say that it reminds them of Concord grapes with its foxy taste. When we visited eastern North Carolina wineries last year we discovered muscadine wines and found that consumers either really like it or not. According to the wineries that produce muscadine wine, muscadine wines have ten percent more antioxidants than red wine. Of course, a red wine drinker has been heard to say, “I’d rather drink ten glasses of red wine than one glass of muscadine wine.” lol

If you haven’t tried a muscadine wine, try it when you have the opportunity. Don’t expect a taste like a traditional red wine but try it for the experience and you may just like it. We came across many people in North Carolina who really enjoy a muscadine wine. One of our family friends who enjoys beer rather than wine, enjoyed the Holiday Classic wine last night.


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