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Today’s Bordeaux

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending the “Today’s Bordeaux 2009” tasting event in New York City. The tasting included 100 featured wines that were chosen by a jury of experts in a blind tasting of 350 wines. Robert Cavanaugh, the owner of Adventure Wine, for who I do tastings, invited me. I considered myself very lucky to be there, as this was an event that was only open to press and licensed members of the wine trade. As I stood there sipping wines and chatting with French winery owners, I found my mind drifting away. I envisioned marrying into the family of one of these wineries, tending to the grapes in a fine early morning mist in front of a beautiful French castle.

Someone asked me how Americans respond to French wines, as he was worried that Americans may take away a lot of the business. I responded that in my humble opinion, California wines are just as comparable, however people still see the French as the winemaking masters. No matter how amazing wines are in other countries, the French will always have a loyal following. Understandably too, the wines I tasted ranged from too young to absolutely delectable.

The highlight of the day was the barrel tastings where I had the opportunity to taste wines straight from the barrel presented by members of the “Cerle Rive Droite Primeurs.” I always love barrel tastings because there is something so raw and earthy about wines that are not quite ready yet. Let me just say that after this event it will be hard to go back to my “Three Buck Chuck.” I may just have to spring an extra twenty and go for a Bordeaux.

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