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Chambourcin Ages Well

I am somewhat reluctant taking a hybrid grape wine to a family gathering. When the majority of wine drinkers drink Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, Malbec and a Chianti introducing an east coast Chambourcin was a gamble. However, I had a 1997 Chambourcin by Naylor Wine Cellars called Seductivo that I was curious about drinking with fellow wine enthusiasts. So we opened it up. It had a deep red translucent color, red fruit aroma and fruity taste. The tannins were mild and the acid was noticable, but not over whelming. The finish was balanced. Everyone liked this twelve-year old Pennsylvanian Chambourcin.

Chambourcin does well along the east coast and many wineries use it for at least one of the wines in their portfolio. Although usually drunk young, the ‘97 aged well and shows that this French American hybrid can benefit from a decade of aging. Perhaps a New Year’s resolution should include picking up a bottle of Chambourcin and putting it away until 2020.

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