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Wine in Scotland

There are wineries in England, a few in Wales and a vineyard has been planted in Scotland next to the Ardeonaig Hotel and Restaurant. According to the Daily Record, Chef Pete Gottgens planted Riesling vines four years ago. If the weather this summer cooperates he will make a Riesling wine. The article was complimentary until the end where a wine critic was quoted. Basically the critic bashed the idea and admitted that they might be able to make wine but it won’t be “at connoisseur level.”

Some wine writers write for wine connoisseurs. Many other authors do not. The number of wine connoisseurs is a small audience compared to wine enthusiasts. I believe that it is important to empower readers with the knowledge to decide for themselves what they like and why they like it.

I applaud the planting of a vineyard in Scotland and making a Riesling wine. It will be interesting to taste the place. The terroir in Scotland is different than other wine growing regions and affords travelers an opportunity to experience wines made from grapes growing in that soil with their climate. If I have a chance to taste this Riesling I would certainly keep an open mind and appreciate the taste of the place.

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