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Recipes for Super Bowl and Snowpocalypse that Use Wine as an Ingredient

In Maryland we are buried under two to three feet of snow. I have a lot of shoveling to do to reach the street that isn’t plowed yet. Since it will take a couple of days, I won’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. Cooking with a slow cooker is perfect. Chili is a great item to cook in a slow cooker. It is also perfect to deal with this “Snowpocalypse” and Super Bowl. The Wine Trail Traveler site has more than 150 recipes that use wine as an ingredient. We have a couple different chili recipes. You can substitute the wines.

Barrington Cellars Cincinnati Chili calls for Baco Noir but you can substitute a dry red.

Barrington Cellars DeChaunac Chili uses DeChaunac. You can also substitute a dry red or sem-dry red.

Check out other recipes on the Wine Trail Traveler site. Recipes are listed by food category as well by wine variety.

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