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Making a Difference

Last week I wrote a lengthy article on how wineries can get on the Twitter bandwagon. I learned today that Tin Lizzie Wineworks in Clarksville, Maryland read the article and created a Twitter account. They are now tweeting. It is always nice to know that if your write something, it may help others. It is certainly one thing to say that 2010 is the year of social media for wineries, its another to empower wineries with the knowledge to begin using social media to promote their winery and wines. To many, Twitter is one of the easiest forms of social media to use. Others, however may be totally confused.

In addition to tweeting about your winery, wines and events Twitter provides a venue for other creative uses. Last summer while attending the Drink Local Wine Conference in Dallas, we tasted a room full of wines while tweeting about them. Last month, St. Supéry in Napa hosted a Twitter wine tasting event. People drank California Cabernet Sauvignons and tweeted about them. Next month, St. Supéry has a similar event where people from around the world are asked to taste Sauvignon Blancs and tweet about them. If you would like to participate in the March 4th event, add the hashtag #SauvBlanc to your tweets and follow #SauvBlanc on Twitter.

As Twitter matures, other uses for wineries will be explored. 2010 is a good year to get on the Twitter bandwagon for not only wineries, but also wine enthusiasts.

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