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Winery Tasting Rooms Use Yellow and Red Cards

After visiting more than 450 winery tasting rooms, we have not seen unruly behavior by visitors. While some tasting rooms are quiet others have more socializing. Each one has its own style and atmosphere. It was with shock that we learned one of the owners of Three Brothers Wineries, in the Seneca Lake wine region of New York State, was attacked and beaten for asking two unruly people to leave.

The idea behind the yellow and red cards is that if a visitor receives a yellow card, it is because their behavior is inappropriate. Receiving a red card means that they are no longer welcome at the winery or any other area winery.

The use of red and yellow cards was conceived of two or three years ago. However, one of the problems at that time was tasting room owners and employees deciding the difference between unruly behavior and a group enjoying themselves. Now that someone has been injured, will the wineries work together?

Obviously, the two people who attacked the winery owner were way out of line. A winery owner has every right to ask someone to leave the premises if they are not behaving in an appropriate manner. Rude and inappropriate behavior would make other visitors uncomfortable. Tasting rooms are meant to showcase wine and provide visitors an enjoyable time.

Three Brothers Wineries is an exciting winery to visit. They feature three separate tasting rooms and a brewery tasting room. They also produce an excellent non-alcoholic root beer! Each tasting room has its own atmosphere. When in the Finger Lakes region of New York, be sure to check Three Brothers Wineries out.

Cheers! Kathy

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